Immerse yourself in the magic of scent and sensation!

Close your eyes, breathe in the air of the coastal pine forest, hear the sound of the sea! You have arrived at a magical place surrounded by pine forests, 400 metres from the Baltic Sea coast - a place where the ancient Venta River flowed 7000 years ago and our cherished lavender sensory garden - a piece of our heart and soul - is caressed by the sea winds.

The story of our lavender field and our love of lavender began with a few lavender plants in my father's homestead, until the twists and turns of life, like the gentle flow of the ancient Venta, brought us to this place of strength with its mighty Baltic Ice Age pines on the banks of the ancient Venta River.

In 2018, the first corner was planted with a few lavender beds and in 2019, with the participation of the whole family, relatives and friends, 5000 lavender plants have already been planted.

Year after year, we try to improve the area in harmony with nature. Because our philosophy is to let nature be! It heals, reboots and inspires. That's why you can visit us and enjoy a flowering meadow, a stand of pine trees, some beach sand and a pond with colourful fish.

This field is our family's haven of peace, it is where we celebrate family festivals, where our children grow, laugh and play, it is our garden of the senses and our home, which is why we ask visitors to treat our cherished garden with respect and care, just as you would when visiting someone.

Events and special happenings

During the month of July, an on-site shop is open in the field, where you can buy eco-friendly products handmade by the owner of the lavender field - lavender bags, eco-soy wax candles, lavender floral water, essential oil, etc. In our lavender field - garden of senses, we organise from time to time educational, artistic events aimed at spiritual growth and development, as well as, by separate agreement, we offer the field for festive events with added aesthetic value (wedding ceremonies, various types of photo shoots, etc.) In the field, by separate agreement, it is possible to reserve rest corners, picnic areas, for spending cultural time in an aesthetically pleasing environment.